How to find "your" HR?

In modern conditions, the employer understands that the human resource is the main capital and the key to business success, and its effective management is as important an integral part of the organization as sales or production, so the question of selecting and organizing a personnel management service arises more often and more sharper.

The role of HR business partner is really critical, because it is this person who is responsible for attracting and retaining your talents, and therefore, he must fully comply with the culture of the company, be a professional and reliable employee who can be trusted with a large amount of confidential information.

It’s quite difficult to choose exactly HR, as experts in this industry understand very well how to go through interviews and what answers the employer is waiting for, so you should not rely only on your feelings here.

What to do:
  • Clearly describe the requirements and profile the position;
  • Engage a trusted recruiter;
  • Define a portrait of the “ideal” candidate, focusing on behavioral skills;
  • Use cognitive and behavioral testing;
  • Check recommendations;
  • It’s not worth setting a trial period only for your feelings.
And remember that as a rule, successful HR specialists are:
  • Extraverts
  • Enthusiasts
  • The leaders
  • Empathy
  • Motivators

Result-oriented, loving complexity and change, easily accepting and “bringing” decisions.

I wish you the best candidates and a successful search!